Funky home office furniture ideas

Do you work from home? Need some unique ideas to revamp your home office furniture and make it your own unique space? The truth is, if you can balance efficiency with creativity, a unique home office space can boost your productivity. It will also give you yet another thing to show off to your friends when they come by. You’ll also be glad to know that many of these home office furniture ideas can actually save you money.

Here are some funky home office furniture ideas:

  1. Give Everything A Fresh (And Vibrant) Coat of Paint

You work from home because you are trying to get away from the corporate structure. You got away from the 9-5 to avoid those awful bland colour schemes as much as the mundane schedule. To make your home office fresh and unique, give it a bold splash of colour. This is particularly effective in neutral spaces where there isn’t a lot of colour. It is a great way to give your office space a unique look, and it will embolden you to work harder to justify your unique space.

If you want some ideas on how to merge this with productivity, here are a few. If you are using multiple colors, assign certain colours to certain items or subjects. Such as, if you run a business from home, assign a sky blue to your financial records and lavender to your customer and client records. Using colour as an organiser is a great way to make your space look great as well as functional.

  1. 2-In-1 Functionality

If you don’t have a lot of space for your home office furniture, then you may benefit from converting a piece of furniture into your work space. This has become a popular design trend, particularly among the rustic lovers. Many people are now converting their wardrobes into hide-away office spaces. This is a great way to save space and keep your office functional.

  1. Compact Is King

Another great way to make your home office furniture unique is to make it efficient in the space you have. Many people now put their entire office space in the corner of a room, usually in a bedroom by the window. People are finding that keeping everything compact helps keep them focused, whereas a wide space gives them the desire to wander or look around. Many people also place themselves in nooks or tucked away corners to further add to the compact feeling of their home offices.

Another way is to stack high within the space. If you keep everything in one corner, have a bookshelf hang above your desk and decorate it accordingly. You won’t want to pack it down with books (could you imagine that falling on you?). Rather keep essential items on it or decorate it and add your own flair to it.

  1. Make It Mobile

What if you don’t have a permanent office space in your house? What if you move from room to room based on what others in your home are doing? Without that definitive space, you could be losing a lot of productivity, and that will make that much more difficult to get work done or to work at all. If you don’t have a definitive space of your own, slap some wheels on your home office furniture. Buy a desk with some wheels, or attach some to your file cabinet. That way you can wheel your “space” from room to room or wherever it is needed. This will certainly boost your productivity. It is necessary to have a definitive space to work, because that space is what helps keep you motivated and working. It doesn’t matter where the space is, so long as the furniture and objects that make up the space are constant. If you put some wheels on your home office furniture, your work space options are truly unlimited.

And those are just a few funky ideas for your home office furniture. There are many more to be explored. The most important thing to remember is keep your space efficient while giving it some personality. It is this balance between work and play that truly keeps you productive in the home office environment.

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