Whether you prefer a neat and organised desk or a creative mess, everyone likes to add a personal touch to their work space. This could be as simple as pinning up a family photograph or as fancy as personalized stationery. Modern office supplies come in a variety of trendy and exciting styles, making it possible for the modern office worker to add a bit more colour, taste and flair to their desks.

Functional accessories to make working more fun (and productive)

The essentials on your desk don’t have to be standard-issue and dull. So long as they get the job done, you can use as many creative, contemporary or alternative tools and stationery as you like.

1)      Mousepad

Throw out your boring generic brand mousepad and replace it with one that offers a more exciting colour or pattern. Select colours that motivate and inspire you, and match it with the rest of your stationery and desk accessories. For optimal benefit, find a mousepad with a wrist pad that offers support.

2)      Stationery holders

Display your pens and miscellaneous stationery with pride. You can find any number of cute, crazy or contemporary stationery holders that will liven up a drab desk.

3)      Lamp

Adding a lamp to your desk will increase your concentration and productivity immensely. It can also create a warm and cosy space in an otherwise cold and sterile work place. Keep it sleek and modern with a fancy lamp or simply dress up an old lamp with a new shade.

4)      Storage tray

An organised desk helps an organised mind. Paint or decoupage an old breakfast tray and keep it on the corner of your desk or in a drawer as a place for all those nik naks and loose ends.

5)      Wire organiser

There is nothing more frustrating than having to navigate through a tangle of wires while working. Buy a simple wire organiser to keep your wires neatly arranged and out of the way. As a bonus, buy a multi-plug adaptor so that you can keep all your devices plugged in at once.

6)      Variations of bunting

Bunting is a quick and easy way to add decorative colour to your space. It can be made to any length to fit in your cubicle, along your desk or on your wall, and can easily be removed without effort if you tire of it. Choose a colour scheme that suits your work or personality, and don’t be afraid to liven it up with unique shapes or styles. Instead of traditional bunting, why not hang a string of small photographs, inspiring images, and geometric shapes instead of the regular triangles, or even tassels, ribbons or beads for a bohemian theme.

7)      Pot plants

Greenery can play an important part in decorations, as it offers a number of benefits. As well as cleaner air, plants can help you feel reconnected with nature, something that your soul needs when spending all day in an office. Indoor plants are known to increase mood and productivity, enhance concentration and memory, and reduce stress and fatigue.

8)      Coffee mug and coaster

Everyone has their favourite office coffee mug, so why not get a mug that looks great on your desk. Whether it’s a corny “World’s Best Dad” mug, a unique shape or just your favourite colour, your mug can brighten up your desk and motivate you to work. Don’t forget to add a trendy coaster to protect your desk.

9)      Small mirror

Placing a mirror somewhere strategic on your desk can make a cramped area feel more spacious. Clever spots include behind a stack of books or row of shelves, or standing next to a flat surface. As a bonus, you’ll always have a quick and convenient way to freshen up before a meeting. Just make sure it isn’t in your permanent line of sight as it can be distracting.

10)    Stickers

While they may seem like children’s fun, adults can have just as much fun decorating with stickers. Invest in some fancy keyboard stickers to jazz up your keyboard, or use contact paper to colour in larger areas. Washi tape is a fun and exciting way to decorate anything from plastic to wood and metal, and comes in a fantastic range of colours and patterns. To lighten up the mood, why not stick some googly eyes on your phone or computer screen border?

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