Find the furniture that is right for your office

Are you setting up your brand new office premises and want the very best office furniture? Perhaps you are renovating an established office and need a fresh new look. Whatever your reasons, buying new office furniture can be a daunting task. As well as approaching it from an interior designer’s point of view and ensuring you find a great colour scheme and attractive furnishings, you need to consider the practicality and comfort of the items too.

3 Important steps for buying office furniture


Step 1: Have a plan

One does not simply stroll into the nearest furniture warehouse and purchase the first items that catch the eye. Finding great office furniture involves a decent amount of research. It pays to look at catalogues from different suppliers or manufacturers, as every company has something different to offer.

Planning should also, of course, include a budget plan. Knowing what your business can afford from the start will help with the decision-making process. When furniture shopping, you will need to know exactly how many of each item you are going to need, and ideally have enough money to purchase a spare as well. You may want to divide your furniture shopping list into essential and non-essential sections; desks, chairs and equipment are all essential and should be prioritised, while new blinds, carpeting and decorative features can be listed as secondary. This allows more flexibility to your budget while keeping within your set limit.

Another important aspect of furniture buying that is often overlooked is timing. Once your new furniture has been ordered, request a definite date for when it is to be delivered or collected. The day of the delivery will be very disruptive to the office, so it is best to schedule it for a day when there are no important meetings or work to be done. If the furniture can be delivered and installed over the weekend, this will allow your business dealings to continue unaffected. Also be cautious of throwing the old furniture out too soon; no furniture in the office means no work can get done.

Step 2: Test different options

Once you have formulated a plan of action and created a shortlist of your preferred furniture items, you should test each option before making the final decision.  It is recommended that you take a look at customer reviews for each company and item of furniture you wish to buy to ensure that you are getting a good quality product. You can also visit warehouses and stores to physically try out the furniture as well. The sales staff at the store will also be able to answer any last questions you might have or make recommendations.

It also pays to remember that different suppliers and manufacturers will have different specifications. Colour, for example, is often labelled the same across the board but in real life two different items can be very different in colour or hue.

Step 3: Keep your employees in mind

When testing the office furniture and making a decision, it is imperative to keep your employees in mind. They are, after all, the ones who will be using the furniture the most. Remember that not every person has the same physical needs. It may be in your (and their) best interests to conduct a quick survey in your planning stage to find out if your employees require or prefer a specific type of furniture over another. For example, many people prefer to work at standing desks, so in this case you could purchase a selection of standing and sitting desks to ensure everyone is comfortable.


What to consider when buying office furniture

  1. Appearance vs. comfort
    There are certain qualities of office furniture that you may be prioritising over others, depending on your reasons for buying new office furniture. If you are revamping your office to look more modern and abreast of the current trends, you of course want furniture that is modern, stylish and classy. There are many products on the market that will give you the image you are looking for, but it is very important that you do not sacrifice comfort and accessibility for appearances.
  1. Price vs. quality
    Likewise, it does not pay to sacrifice quality for lower prices. Refurbishing an office should be an investment for the future. Better quality items of furniture will last longer, provide better support, and improve the work experience of your employees, and as such are worth a slightly higher price tag.


Find the furniture that is right for your office

The ideal furniture may take a little while to find, but once you have it, the benefits will manifest themselves every single day. Opt for ergonomic, innovative office furniture that is designed to improve comfort, health and concentration and your employees will thank you.

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