Feel good in your office

There is more to buying office furniture than meets the eye so let’s examine some factors you should consider when paging through various office furniture catalogues. It’s best to know what you’re looking for before making your purchases. Have you considered just how much quality office furniture will contribute to your bottom line both by boosting employee productivity and by creating an inviting environment for clients?

How To Pick Quality Office Furniture

When it comes to buying quality office furniture there are a number of factors that should inform your decision. Over and above your furniture buying budget, the two most important influences are aesthetics and ergonomics.


  1. Aesthetic Appeal
    Beyond pure functionality, the quality of your office furniture speaks volumes about your business image or brand. Think about the message you want your office’s appearance to convey to both your staff and your customers. Even if your budget is limited, it pays to purchase the best quality office furniture you can afford and to coordinate a cohesive office image. After all you only get one opportunity to create a lasting impression, so make it count.A well-dressed office goes further than just being pleasant on the eye though; it also has a profound effect on the atmosphere in the office and this in turn can boost work performance. Employees tend to feel more inspired in an aesthetically appealing environment and this can only be positive for your business’s bottom line.


  1. Creatures of Comfort
    Ergonomics is the practice of intelligently designing office furniture to match the individuals that will be using them. The idea is that the furniture must fit the individual and not the other way around. The application of ergonomics has been become an increasingly important aspect of office furniture design and for good reason. The point of ergonomically designed furniture is to promote better posture and overall health. It can also provide relief from stress, fatigue, eye strain, headaches, back and neck problems, and repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.A sure mark of quality office furniture is its ergonomic design. If you take into account the number of hours your employees spend at their work stations, their comfort should be of importance to you. If they are comfortable, they will be more relaxed. If not, your employee’s discomfit will make them agitated and unable to focus on their work; the measure of comfort afforded by your office furniture impacts directly on your employee’s level of productivity and on the office morale in general. And the health benefits afforded by ergonomic office furniture also translates to less time off work due to bad backs, stress and so on.

    While the practice of ergonomics can be applied to almost all office furniture, it is probably most vital when it comes to the chairs you pick, and given the amount of time your employees spend sitting at their desks. When choosing chairs, you want to look for contoured backrests and arm rests that are height adjustable and casters for ease of movement and which are tailored to the floor surface of your office; carpets, hard surfaces or a combination of both.

    The back and seat cushions should be made from foam that is firm enough to provide support and sculpted to fit the contours of the spine. The seat cushion should slope down at the front edge of the chair to aid blood circulation in the lower legs. Lastly, the chair should have pneumatic height adjustment and multi-tilt levers that can be easily reached when in the sitting position. This allows employees to vary their sitting positions throughout the day and so maintain optimal comfort. Have a look at our Ergonomic Chairs.

    This does not mean you should be less stringent about the desks you choose for your office. Desks are the hub of the work station and as such should integrate the necessary technology and nurture efficiency. A quality desk should make provision for wiring and cables in such a way that they are accessible without being unsightly. It should provide ample storage for everyday work accessories and the surface should be hardy enough to withstand general daily use without marring or scarring.


This appreciation will be reflected in the level of work performance they deliver. For assistance with choosing quality office furniture for your business contact My Office Furniture.


Feel good in your office
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Feel good in your office
Customers respond to a well-dressed office. And employees appreciate office furniture that remains comfortable even after a long day.
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