Does your office have a cafeteria? Even a small designated lunch and break area can do wonders for the productivity and morale of an office. A coffee station for a quick break can also greatly improve work productivity and office communication.

Why your office should have a cafeteria

Social time

Sharing an office with colleagues can become stressful when there is no opportunity to chat or casually interact. Employees who chatter consistently can distract those who prefer working in quiet, while the chatters struggle to concentrate in absolute silence. Having a cafeteria where everyone can openly chat without the risk of distracting each other or interfering with work helps both types of employee. In a long work day, social interaction is important in maintaining a balance between work tasks.

Idea pool

Where people are socialising and conversing, bright ideas and collaborations are bound to blossom. Economic and industry leaders often acknowledge that many of their greatest ideas and ventures originated in the company break room. A cafeteria is a place where ideas and plans can form from natural collaborations and sharing.

Stress relief

All work and no play makes for a clichéd idiom, but it is true nonetheless. Adequate time to take a break in between tasks helps boost energy, concentration and motivation, as well as relieves stress and tension. Whether an employee prefers to refresh their energy in peace and quiet or draws strength from sharing company with colleagues, a lunch room provides the ideal place to do so.

Saves time on lunch breaks

One of the strongest factors that employers consider when including a cafeteria is the fact that it saves the time for employees to take lunch breaks. Of course, this means that more work can be done in a day, but it also means more convenience for employees. No one likes the idea of running across town to the closest fast food restaurant or gulping down packed sandwiches and cold coffee before rushing back to work in a frazzle. Not only does a cafeteria mean that employees can have a decent lunch meal that they can eat at a proper pace, it also allows them to return to their work comfortably without feeling rushed and disorientated, or worse, late.

Increases desk productivity

Eating at your work desk has shown to have negative effects on productivity. Research shows that avoiding a proper lunch break and eating while you work hinders concentration and productivity. Whereas stepping away from your desk for that break time stimulates productivity as well as a healthier, happier attitude towards work. Additionally, keeping food around your desk can become a nuisance. If you are eating while others work, for example, the sounds and smells can distract them. The empty mugs, cartons and lunch boxes also create a mess that distracts you and creates a less productive space.

Ensures employees are getting nutrition

Another benefit that employers should consider is that a cafeteria can provide better food than a quick lunch rush can afford. With a strict time limit, employees are more likely to grab unhealthy fast food or a quick snack lacking in nutrition. An office cafeteria does not need to provide a wide range of gourmet food; it only needs to offer employees a few options for filling, energy-boosting meals and beverages.

How your diet affects your productivity

A cafeteria can ensure that national nutritional requirements are being met and that employees get a balanced diet during their work day. What you eat can influence your productivity, and eating the right food means a more productive, successful day at work as well as a healthier mind and body. So, what are these productivity-enhancing foods? For a busy work day, it is best to stock up on different types of fruit and vegetables, lean meats and low-fat dairy, and legumes (pulses, such as lentils and beans). These iron-enriched foods give the body an energy boost, allowing you to tackle more tasks. Leafy green vegetables also slow down the digestion of starchy carbohydrates, which gives more time to the brain & muscles to convert energy. Plus, they have mood-boosting properties, essential for a productive day at work.

Having a friendly cafeteria with great atmosphere will not only provide a relaxing environment for employees, but will increase mood, collaboration, energy and health, all of which contribute to more productivity for business and work.

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