Free office furniture installation in Cape Town

For businesses around South Africa, keeping running costs under budget is a priority so the offer of free office furniture installation in Cape Town is most welcome. That is correct, you read right; My Office Furniture is offering its customers free installation of any office furniture items and accessories they purchase. But what exactly does office furniture installation entail and why is this offer such a big deal?

Just what does free office furniture installation in Cape Town entail?

Installation involves more than just delivering the requested office furniture and leaving it to the office manager to sort out. A professional installation, such as you can expect from My Office Furniture, will have at its heart a well thought out office design or layout. This will guide the installation process, ensuring it goes as smoothly as possible and with the least disruption to the running of your office.

Depending on the level of the makeover, your free office furniture installation in Cape Town can be planned to tackle one office area at a time. To this end, a schedule will be drawn up together with the office manager detailing which area or areas will be attended to during each phase of the installation process. The office manager will then distribute the schedule among the staff members so they can prepare their work stations accordingly.

The schedule also makes provision for the dismantling and/or relocation of  work stations in preparation for the installation process. On arrival, each item of office furniture will be clearly marked with its destination office area or work station to prevent confusion and ensure maximum efficiency. If space is at a premium and your office makeover is going to take a few days, an area can be set aside for those items that need to be stored while they await installation. Once all the new office furniture is in the correct place, the installation work truly begins.

This starts with the unpacking and assembly of the various items. Some may be simple, such as carpet protectors, coat and hat stands, waste bins and desk organiser sets. Other items, however, require technical expertise and hands-on assembly, such as desks, tables, screens, shelving and filing cabinets. Many of the chairs available in the My Office Furniture range also require final assembly in situ as well as being adjusted to suit the person/s that will be using a particular chair. As they are highly experienced and familiar with the various items, the team can have your free office furniture installation in Cape Town taken care of as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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Another factor that needs to be taken into account when it comes to the installation process is the office cabling, including the telecommunications infrastructure. Network cabling and telephone wires may need to be reset to accommodate the rearrangement of work areas as laid out in the installation plan. Custom modification of certain furniture items may also be required. For a professional team, taking care of such details is part and parcel of a comprehensive office furniture installation, as is a wipe down of all the furniture and accessories, and removal of all debris.

Unless you are proficient in DIY and have plenty of time to spare – unlikely if you’re trying to run a business – free office furniture installation in Cape Town is a very welcome offer. It will save you hassle and time and most importantly, it means your staff members can get on with their work with the least amount of interruption, and without having to get their hands dirty. This is of particular importance in the case of a large office makeover; you don’t want what should be an exciting makeover to turn into a logistical nightmare.

Post each phase of the installation, the team will walk the relevant staff members through the office area or work station to ascertain if there are any issues to be addressed or if any adjustments to the various furniture items need to be made. The team’s experience means it is equipped to troubleshoot any logistical issues that may arise. It is this attention to detail as much as the technical expertise they bring that makes the My Office Furniture team indispensable to a successful office furniture installation. What’s more, you will receive a full inventory of all the furniture and accessories installed.

Calling on a professional office furniture installation company streamlines your office makeover so it proceeds without incident and with minimal down time so you can focus on running your business. Call My Office Furniture today to learn more about free office furniture installation in Cape Town.

Free office furniture installation in Cape Town
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Free office furniture installation in Cape Town
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