Why you should learn to love the L-Shaped Desk

Corners are the least used area in most rooms. Because of the awkward fit for many items of furniture, the corner is usually reserved for a trash can, hat stand or pot plant, and most of the space gets wasted. Investing in an L-shaped desk can solve all your problems with that troublesome corner space.

Five reasons to choose an L-shaped desk

Here are five top reasons why an L-shaped office desk is a better choice than a traditional rectangular desk:

  1. More space: There are so many ways an L-shaped desk can save space. Firstly, it slots perfectly into that pesky corner that’s taking up valuable space in the office. Because of its shape and dimensions, the L-shaped desk fills the edges of the area against the wall while creating more floor space in the centre of the floor. There’s more room for movement in the office, whether for a wheeled office chair or for walking or moving around. An L-shaped desk provides more surface area without taking up more floor space. Even an L-shaped desk with the same surface area as a rectangular desk can provide more usable surface area, as the space is more spread out and everything on the desk is within reach. With a wide rectangular desk, the far corners are usually out of reach and become wasted space. Even the space under an L-shaped desk is saved. There is more leg room for a sitter, and usually enough space for storage boxes, a magazine rack or a hutch. In fact, many L-shaped desks are manufactured with a small hutch built-in.
  1. Multifunctional: In keeping with the value of space-saving, having an L-shaped desk feels like having two desks at once. A modern office desk will almost always need to support a computer or laptop, leaving little space for other desk items. With an L-shaped desk, one wing of the desk can be used for a computer or laptop, while the other can be kept free for more hands-on tasks such as drawing, crafts, sewing, or whatever physical tasks your work entails. The second wing could also act as a small bookshelf or filing cabinet if there is no space for the real version; essentially, the extra space can be used as a ‘backup’ desk for almost any purpose. The sitter can easily swivel from one side of the desk to the other and back, offering more space and opportunity for multitasking. This is especially ideal for multipurpose offices.
  1. Affordable: L-shaped desks are, surprisingly, often more affordable than their rectangular counterparts. It is reasonably easy to find a well-priced L-shaped desk without sacrificing quality or functionality. Considering the extra space they afford, L-shaped desks are very cost effective, even more so if you purchase one with a hutch or drawers built-in. They are also quite durable, typically made from high pressure laminate and designed to last in an office environment.
  1. Shareable: Whether it’s a crowded cubicle office or your kitchen office at home, sometimes sharing a desk with another becomes necessary. For cramped spaces, an L-shaped desk offers enough space for two without bumping elbows. The unique design suits sharing a desk, as each person can have their own ‘desk’ space and seat area.
  1. Approachable: Have you ever had an interview or meeting at an office where you had to crane over a computer monitor in order to see the other person? Talking to someone over an office desk has its obstacles – literally! If you regularly have clients sitting across from you at your desk, an L-shape makes you much more approachable and accessible. The wing of the side between you and your guest can be kept clear or offer the necessities for a meeting, such as notepads, glasses of water or a nameplate. Your computer screen can be kept on the other wing, meaning you can face your client directly without creating barriers out of your desk items. Plus, if your client needs to see a proposal on your screen, it is much easier to tilt it in their direction, instead of having them come around your desk or adjust their seat.

Shape up your office work with an L-shaped desk

What’s not to love about an L-shaped desk? Vertical and horizontal space is maximised, with extra space to stretch out your legs and set up a second workstation. It fits into an office room or even a cubicle neatly, and looks professional. Make your life easier and enhance your work productivity with an L-shaped desk.

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