Here are some clever tools and tips for that office makeover you’ve always wanted, but never known how to do. Choose these 4 easy-to-find items to liven up your work space:

  1. Plants

    Adding greenery to your office space is beneficial in so many ways. Office greenery is reported to increase productivity by 6 percent and creativity by 15 percent, as well as providing cleaner air and attractive plants for decoration. From a tiny pot plant to living walls, whether herbs or exotic flowers, plants can improve the work environment multi-fold. Plants are also symbolic of an office’s commitment to the environment, and can make a social statement.

  1. Photographs

    Personal photographs of family, friends or special occasions can warm the heart during those long office hours. Making your office or workstation feel like home with some photographs can improve productivity and morale, and that adorable baby photo can stimulate conversation between co-workers and improve partnership. Less personal larger photographs around the office can also make clients and employees feel more welcomed and comfortable too.

  1. Contact paper

    Many offices do not allow wall decorations since Prestik and nails can damage the walls and paint. Contact paper is a great way to still add colour and design without ruining the walls. Your office furniture and equipment can be improved with a well-chosen sample of contact paper. It can be applied to almost any surface and can be cut to fit any shape. Washi tape is smaller patterned tape that can also be combined in different variations to make interesting patterns. Just be sure that your company allows you to use contact paper on their furniture and equipment, or only apply it to your own belongings, such as your laptop exterior.

  1. Art

    A few choice paintings or professional photographs, or even some sculptures, can increase the style and atmosphere of your office. An artistic office makeover makes a statement to your clients, letting them know that your tastes are refined and reflect the quality of your work. Your favourite artworks can improve your mood and productivity. Try to balance your personal taste with art that sets an appropriate tone for your business, as it is a great way to showcase the ‘personality’ of your work. You can also use this office makeover as an opportunity to support local artists as well.

Tips for an office makeover

Here are a few things you should consider before embarking on your office make-over:

  1. Know your office rules

    If your office space is not your own property, you will want to make sure that any office makeover changes you have planned are in accordance with your boss’s rules. As previously mentioned, Prestik and nails can ruin the walls for future use, so be careful about posters or wall hangings.

  1. Homely versus professional office makeovers

    While most companies will not object to personal decorations, covering the entire space in personal items can appear tacky and unprofessional. Consider everything in moderation, and aim for a space that is inviting to others but still personal to you.

  1. Be comfortable

    There is no point in an office makeover that looks stunning and stylish but leaves you or your colleagues uncomfortable all day. Modern furniture often has abstract shapes, but opt for seating especially that allows for comfort above all. Clutter can also be comfort, so plan enough space for storage and avoid decorations that physically inhibit movement or create too much distraction.

  1. Colour schemes

    Although colour seems to be an afterthought to most, a well-chosen colour scheme can do wonders for an office space. Put the same effort into choosing colour for your office as you would your first baby room, and enjoy the change in atmosphere and morale in the room. The psychology of colour is now a popular tool in creating a tone that reflects the values of your work. For example, warm and rich colours speak of wealth and comfort, while cooler colours seem light-hearted and energetic. If you are not a fan of bright colours, consider transforming the cold white walls of your office into a less harsh cream or beige that is easier on the eyes.


A more stimulating and attractive work environment creates a more productive and satisfied workforce, and an office makeover can reinvigorate and revitalise a tired office. My Office Furniture offers workspace design and planning services to help you create a space that works for you, as well as all the modern furniture and features to go in it.

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