Talk to a professional about Office Furniture

If you are planning to purchase new office furniture and the very idea of pouring through catalogues and having to decide which items are best suited for your business premises leaves you in a cold sweat, you need to talk with a professional consultant. Just as you wouldn’t make a business investment without expert advice, a professional office furniture consultant can save you from wasting valuable time and making costly mistakes.

Picking A Professional Office Furniture Consultant

The larger your office furniture installation, the more important it is to call in a professional. This is because the larger the project, the more money there is at stake and the more that can go wrong. A professional consultant has the experience to foresee potential disasters, trouble shoot when problems do arise and get your project back on track with minimal disruption. They have the knowledge and skills to make maximum use of the time and resources available. As with taking on any consultant, though, it is up to you to do due diligence and ensure they can deliver as promised.

References Count

The obvious place to start is the good old-fashioned asking for references. A consultant with a solid reputation will be more than happy to provide you with a list of clients you can contact for recommendations. When phoning these clients, be sure to ask them if the consultant stuck to the set schedule and budget. A professional consultant will usually have a portfolio of previous installations so you can visualise the standard and style of office furniture installation you can look forward to. You can even take your search for references online and check out the reviews the consultant and their company has received.

Compare Quotes

Ask the consultant for a quote for the office furniture you plan on buying. Call on other consultants for their quotes and draw up a comparison. Be sure to check exactly what is included in the quote over and above the items purchased. For example, at My Office Furniture delivery and installation are included in the pricing. Other companies may charge for delivery and installation; this may be at a flat rate or by the hour. These are important matters to clarify before you finalise your order or you may be in for an unpleasant surprise when you receive the invoice for your fabulous new furniture. It is also wise to establish exactly what the guarantee covers and how long it is valid for.

After Care

Check with the consultant if the office furniture has been specially treated against spills and stains, and if it comes with extra replacements parts. The consultant should also be able to advise you on how best to care for your new furniture. They will know which products are the most suitable for cleaning as well as specific techniques you can use to keep your new furniture looking at its best for a long time to come.

On The Same Page

Do not underestimate the value of compatibility in your working relationship with the consultant. You should feel that you can trust the consultant you choose to correctly interpret your ideas concerning your office furniture installation and stick to the agreed upon budget. You don’t want to be overwhelmed by exotic or eccentric design ideas that have no place in your particular business. Nor do you want to be underwhelmed by a distinct lack of interest because you’re only doing a minor makeover. Being on the same page with your chosen consultant is vital to the successful outcome of your installation project.

Remember, at the end of the day you are choosing a professional consultant for their expertise. They should be able to guide you regarding the features offered by the various items in the company’s range; for example why it important to select ergonomically designed chairs for those employees who spend the majority of their work time in front of their computers or answering customer calls. The consultant has the skills and knowledge to help you select office furniture that will augment your business’s brand or image, and add aesthetic value to your premises for the sake of your clients and employees alike.

For help picking your new office furniture, be it a single item or full-blown office makeover, do not hesitate to contact the consultants at My Office Furniture; they are always available to answer your concerns and questions. My Office Furniture is dedicated to continuing professional development and endeavours to bring you quality office furniture at the best possible prices.

Talk to a professional about Office Furniture
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Talk to a professional about Office Furniture
Just as you wouldn’t make a business investment without expert advice, a professional office furniture consultant can save you from making costly mistakes.
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