Top 10 Desk Items For Your Office

Perhaps you prefer a neatly organised desk, but yours feels too sterile and empty and you want something to liven it up without creating clutter. Or are you the opposite – working amidst stacks of paper and paraphernalia? Do you long for a way to keep all the special items on your desk while still having enough space and organisation to prevent an avalanche of paperwork?

Whichever style of desk you have, be it creatively cluttered or professionally neat, here is a list of our top ten must-have items for a more productive, organised desk.

For organisation

  1. Stationery station

Be rid of that ‘misc’ drawer full of loose pens, rubber bands and sticky notes forever. Keep all your stationery on hand and within easy reach with a stylish stationery station. You can purchase any number of designs that hold anything from pens and pencils, erasers, sharpeners, sticky notes and memos, paper clips and rubber bands to larger items like paper sheets, headphones and even your keys and wallet. If none of the available colours and patterns grab your attention, why not purchase a plain one and jazz it up yourself?

  1. Tech station

Keep all your gadgets organised in one place with a tech station. All those loose wires and plugs can be gathered into a handy clip for easy access, and you can charge your cell phone, tablet and other devices at the same time.

  1. Paperweights

An old classic, paperweight will forever be useful. Whether your office has a breeze or the stacks of paperwork on your desk are tilting threateningly, a paperweight will keep them in check in their orderly piles. Use flat paperweights in your in- and out-trays or taller ones for loose stacks of paper. You can find them in practically any shape, size and style. Bear in mind that you only have so much space on your desk, and you want one that is functional and not in your way.

For productivity and work tasks

  1. Stapleless stapler

This innovative little device will prevent those pesky staples from ruining your copier or pricking your fingers. The stapleless stapler uses pressure and folding techniques instead of staples to bind sheets of paper together. This also increases storage space and expenses as you no longer have a need for boxes of staples.

  1. Wireless portable scanner

A handheld scanner offers advanced convenience and practicality at work and elsewhere. Whenever you see a page in a book, newspaper or printed document, simply whip out the scanner to get a clear, high resolution snapshot immediately. Most models are also equipped with Wi-Fi for easy manoeuvrability and instant storage on your computer or device. For an office that is converting over to digital, this will be a handy gadget to have in the office.

For enjoyment

  1. Doodle pad

In an age of computers and typing, it can be revitalising to put pen to paper. A doodle pad or memo book is a great way of practicing your mini-art as well as being handy for quickly jotting down ideas or information.

  1. Fidget spinner

These exciting gadgets are all the rage at the moment, with adults and youngsters alike getting endless hours of enjoyment from them. Fidgeting has shown to help increase concentration while working, and these fidget spinners double-up as the new stress ball as well.

For your health

  1. Fan or air freshener

Fresh air is always important, in any building. If you feel like the air in your office is too stuffy or too dry, why not buy a small desktop fan or air purifier? You can stave off the heat in summer and avoid the dry recycled air from the office air con. There are some desktop fans that have built in air purifiers or fresheners for convenience.

  1. Pot plant

In lieu of, or in addition to, your desktop fan, one of the best ways to keep the air around your desk clean and healthy is with a potted plant. A plant also adds attraction to your desk and reconnects you with nature during those long office hours.

And the grand finale…

  1. Office desk

The ultimate desk item is, of course, the desk itself. Invest in a modern functional desk that meets your needs. Choose from a range of ergonomic desks designed to improve posture, circulation and physical well-being, while promoting concentration and motivation in the workplace. The first feature you want to look for is adjustable height settings. This can be adjusted on a small scale to meet your own sitting height, or you can take the plunge and get a sit-stand desk.

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