Optimise your office layout

Designing the office layout can be an exciting time for any business, but it can also be daunting and frustrating. Most business owners understand that the layout of a room has an effect on productivity, and the importance of office workers enjoying their physical environment.

Some of the many constraints to consider when planning an office layout are budget, space, and timeline, and can include company culture, and aligning the design to the work that the company performs. If you are still sitting at your desk, scratching your head and wondering how to start the process of optimising your office layout, we have the perfect advice for you:

  • Identify your team: Before you go out and start shopping for desks and chairs, ask yourself important questions about your business and team – are there departments who would prefer being slightly isolated (IT for example)? Are there employees who spend the majority of their time on the phone, who may need access to team leaders? Do your employees work mostly together or individually? These questions will affect the way that you decide to layout the floor plans of your office.
  • Can you customise the furniture: Once you have decided on a layout, it is time to look for the perfect office furniture. Find out from your supplier if you are able to customise certain elements of the furniture – for example, you may have decided on a colour palette for the office which extends to the furniture itself. Customising the furniture also helps with any space or size constraints you may have.
  • Is the furniture flexible: Configuring the feng shui of an office means that you will be doing a lot of rearranging and even dismantling of furniture. Be sure that any products you buy are able to be rearranged and dismantled with ease, as it will be difficult to have to work with furniture that is set in place once unpacked and assembled.
  • Find a turnkey solutions supplier: Working with a supplier that offers a turnkey solution can save you precious time and money. It is also helpful to have professionals set up the furniture and layout the office, to prevent any incorrect assemblage that can lead to injury after use.  My Office Furniture offers free delivery, assembly and installation within a 50km radius of the store.
  • Get design assistance: Don’t try to do everything yourself – after all, you are a business owner, not an interior designer! Use the services of a qualified creative interior designer, who can help you to use space optimally, while maintaining the professionalism you want to uphold with the design of your office. You could also look for helpful online interior design tools and software, which can provide a visual idea of how your layout may look as an end product.
  • Pigments are powerful: After you have decided on the furniture and floor plan, it is time to decide on the colour theme of the office. Remember, colour has a powerful impact on the mood of a person, so choose your palette carefully. If you are a creative industry, opt for warm, exciting tones, for a more corporate company use hues like grey-blue or navy to instill trust and an air of professionalism.
  • Reception desk – yes or no: For many corporate companies, a reception desk is the point of origin when it comes to communication and initial contact with them, but for some companies, a reception desk is not necessary. If clients only come into your office on an infrequent basis, then using that space for a desk is impractical, and could be better utilised.


Why do I need an optimised office layout?

If you are not considering changing the layout of your current office or planning the layout of a new office, here are some pertinent reasons why you should!

  • A well-laid out office impresses clients
  • Productivity is maximised if space is optimally used
  • You can create a company culture to boost morale
  • Growth can easily be planned for
  • Improve the efficiency of your team and reduce waste

An optimally designed office can work wonders, not only for the morale of your team, but also for increasing customer experience and relationship building. Start planning your perfect office today and see how bright your future can be!

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