Rack ‘em and stack ‘em: the secrets of office shelving

Office shelving is one of those solutions that come in handy for the organised person. Today’s world is about stuff, stuff and more stuff. With homes and businesses acquiring more, it is necessary to find space for it.

Businesses today are more than just files; you’ll need space for things like promotional and printed materials, office supplies, archival material, hardware and other system supplies, books and manuals. If you are constantly stumbling over items or have a cluttered looking space, it is time to go shopping for extra office shelving.

Office Shelving Options

With countless styles and designs of shelving in the market today, you will need to identify your needs so that you get the right shelf. For starters, if you think you will get more stuff, you might go for adjustable shelves. Regardless of your space needs, here are some options to consider:

  1. Cantilever Shelving
    Do you have too many books, media hardware or files that you need to store? The flexibility of the cantilever shelving could be exactly what you need. These storage shelves are designed to accommodate a range of needs, and they feature shelf dividers as well as periodical and reference shelves among other options. These shelves also come with a range of accessories that you can use to customise your space.
  2. Case Office Shelves
    Case type shelving is perfect for general use; filing, libraries, upscale offices etc. One of the best features of this office shelving option is that you can customise it to fit the décor and style of your room or office. You can also make it stationary or mobile depending on your needs. The shelving comes with a selection of accessories. For example, if you are storing sensitive material, you can have lockable drawers and doors.
  3. Display Shelving
    If you need space to display or advertise periodic products such as magazines, this is the perfect shelving for you. The shelves allow you to store stuff at the back (such as back issues or publications) while you display more current editions. You can find these shelves in many busy offices and libraries today.
  4. Bracketed Shelving
    Unlike the previously mentioned shelving options that are free standing and require some office space, bracketed shelves are simply mounted on the wall. The shelves themselves can be made of wood or metal, and are fastened to the wall using brackets to hold them firmly in place. You can store both light and bulky items.
  5. Built-In Shelves
    If you have a sizeable budget and are looking for a more permanent storage solution, you can go for built-in office shelving. Built-in shelves give a professional appearance, and should be put in by an experienced contractor. This is the perfect solution for a professional look and a permanent storage solution.

What Shelving Materials Should You Go For?

Office shelves are usually placed at highly visible places. Therefore, it is important to have visually appealing storage spaces that match the general décor and theme of the rest of your office. There are, however, some shelving options that work well in any space regardless of the décor. Let’s have a look:

  • Steel Shelves
    This office shelving material can be used to make free standing or bracket shelves depending on your storage preferences. Steel shelves are known to be strong and durable, and can handle bulky items. Additionally, you can have a variety of accessories including closed clips for security purposes.
  • Wire Racks
    This is one of the most versatile shelving materials. It can also be free standing or single table-top storage solutions. When built well, they can be used to store bulky items such as office supplies. They are popular in supply storage spaces.
  • Wooden Shelving
    This is probably one of the most stylish and popular office shelving. Wooden shelves give a professional feel to the room, and are very easy to customise (you can have them painted or polished to give your preferred finish). This type of office shelving is also very strong and can be used for bulky as well as light storage needs.

How Will You Choose?

There is a variety of office shelving options, designs and styles, all of which come with a range of accessories to enhance functional and aesthetic purposes. Before you settle on any one shelving option, you can browse around to get a feel of how different shelves will fit into their designated space. For assistance contact My Office Furniture.

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